Saturday, August 1, 2009

A goodbye to National Geographic Expert Tino Soriano

*This blog post was written by several students.

Yesterday was our final day with National Geographic photographer Tino Soriano. We began the morning with a delicious breakfast of toast and coffee. Tino ended his visit with a lesson about photographing architecture and amusing situations at the Parque De Las Ciencias. We photographed exhibits on poisonous animals, the human body, and Andalucian culture along with many other interesting topics.

Tino shared his last few words of wisdom and we said our goodbyes-- we will miss him! We ended the day by working on our On Assignment projects. Before bed our "Theater Group" performed a hilarious skit they prepared for us recounting many past trip events. Then it was off to our rooms for sweet dreams all around.

More pictures to come from our last days in Granada.

Hasta luego!