Wednesday, August 5, 2009

All things Sevilla

Saludos family and friends,

We arrived in Sevilla last night after a day hiking and taking photos in the Alpujarra hills just below the Sierra Nevadas. We stopped at the Playa de Granada on the way south to take our first dip in the Mediterranean Sea and soak up the sun. We ate a tapas dinner and then held a night photography session around the Cathedral de Santa Maria.
After wandering the narrow streets of the city, we headed to bed around midnight.

This morning we had a guided tour of the Cathedral and were able to contrast the views of stained glass and Gothic architecture in the daylight with the evocative evening shots of the night before. After a picnic lunch in the Parque de Maria Luisa we made our way back to our hotel to take refuge from the afternoon sun and focus on our On Assignment projects. There has been much photo editing and writing this afternoon and tonight we are headed out to explore the Triana neigborhood, 'the gypsy quarter', across the Rio Guadalquivir.

Tomorrow we're off to Cordoba to take in the Mezquita!

Hasta luego,
Ben and Megan

Photographs below are from the group's time in Granada, taken by National Geographic Expert Tino Soriano.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Una Foto

The group, with National Geographic Expert
Tino Soriano, at Cuidad de las Ciencias

Saturday, August 1, 2009

A goodbye to National Geographic Expert Tino Soriano

*This blog post was written by several students.

Yesterday was our final day with National Geographic photographer Tino Soriano. We began the morning with a delicious breakfast of toast and coffee. Tino ended his visit with a lesson about photographing architecture and amusing situations at the Parque De Las Ciencias. We photographed exhibits on poisonous animals, the human body, and Andalucian culture along with many other interesting topics.

Tino shared his last few words of wisdom and we said our goodbyes-- we will miss him! We ended the day by working on our On Assignment projects. Before bed our "Theater Group" performed a hilarious skit they prepared for us recounting many past trip events. Then it was off to our rooms for sweet dreams all around.

More pictures to come from our last days in Granada.

Hasta luego!